about me

I believe pizza is a healthy food. I grew up in New York. I live in Massachusetts. I miss my family all the time. I LOVE a clean house. I don't understand mean people. I let a lot of things go. I only have a few close friends. Babies break easy. Been happily married to my partner since 1987. I love to laugh. I was bullied a lot as a child. I love all kinds of music. I just love a rainy day. I always root for the underdog. I would love to live on a farm. My childhood friends were the best friends anyone can have. Nothing beats Fall in New England. I hated school. Don't mess with my two boys. I really do miss smoking cigarettes. Sad songs are my favorite. I go to liberal Quaker meetings on Sunday. The most courageous person I have met in my life, is my older son who struggles daily with autism. I have been to France. I love Italian food. My teenage years were one big purple haze. I love horror movies. I am an artist. I am petrified of flying. I believe in God. I was approached and chased by a man when I was 10yrs old, I have no idea why, I ran faster then him, so did the police, he was arrested. I am a college graduate. My kids rule my world. I have not touched alcohol or drugs since 1983. I like the smell of skunks. I hated everything about me when I was a teenager. I'm to smart to believe everything I read in the bible. I am the worst for keeping in touch. The 'weird' priest at my High School was interested in my love for animals and invited me to his office to talk about it, I never went. I have been to Buckingham Palace. I met some famous people. I've been to Disney World. I have everything I need, but I really do wish I was rich. I have been to most states in this country. I like to think of myself as carefree, but the truth is, I have been known to freak when I feel unorganized. I am scared of reptiles. I love my dog. Ireland is really really green. I've been a social worker for 18 yrs. The older I get, the more I love myself. I really cant understand why people judge others that are not like themselves. I never take anything on face value. I love a good bargain. If the only thing that was left on earth was cheese, it wouldn't bother me at all. I've been known to cry at a good hallmark commercial. I have never been materialistic. Did I mention that I believe pizza is a healthy food.


  1. I've instantly connected on Google after I read your article on Page Rank. Even if you had not promised you follow back. I came via E-Card drop. Reading about 'you', I find quite a resonance in personality traits mentioned here. So I was also prompted to post this comment. I have put a Resonance Network Page on my Blog. I invite you to join, after you've read from my Blog. Nice meeting you.

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