Saturday, April 30, 2011

Job dilema

OK folks, I cant stand my new job. I get paid double the money, but I hate it. My boss is a horror show, her whole life is devoted to this job and well, to be quite honest, my family is my priorty and will always be.

I did not realize how much of my time this job needs. I am currently working about 60 hours a week.

I was so much happier at my past job, the money sucked, but I really like it.

So, though I enjoy the extra cash, I really really do, I am not really happy. I am too exhausted to do much of anything when I get home.

So, here is my poll question.

Would you leave a high paying job, that you hate, for a low paying job you love?
yes, only if I could still have my conviences
yes, But i would have to give up some things
yes, Ill struggle but money does not buy happiness
no, never, I wouldnt even think about it. free polls

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How do you do that?

So I was asked by Nicki over at wordcustard how do you post a 'big' picture on amplify from your zazzle store..

IT's actually pretty easy.

When you cut and paste the html code, you will see a number on your link that says _325.jpg just change it to any number you want. The larger the number, the bigger the size. On blogs, I actually prefer 325 or 225. Depending if I have more then one product.

Now, to get those borders out and just have the product stand out on their own without zazzle all over it. It really is just removing stuff from the link

Im not good at explaining myself, but I will give it my best shot.

If anyone is not sure what I am talking about, please leave me a comment and Ill explain further.

Believe me when I say, "if i can do it, anyone can do it."

First, you get the html link and paste it. I'll use one of my baby announcements. I love babies. SO here is the link:

The first thing I do is start from the bottom. (dont ask me why, visually it's easier for me) I erase everything until I hit this ---simple_designs*">--- erase everything up till that > symbol.

Of course your store will be in the name not mine..

then I go up more and erase ------- baby announcement by

of course your product will be in the name, not mine. Thats it!!!!!!!!!!!! HOw easy was that?

Now, if you want products to be side by side, then I'll walk you through that.

Just now, on some sites, like blogger, you will have to make the image smaller and that is why I pick 225, depending on how many you want in a row. This will give you two in a row. (go back to re-size)

So, here we go, we have to get rid of a few more lines.

In your code there is a bunch of symbols in a row for you to erase. They look like this:
(highlight and erase that line. (not sure what that does, but it prevents the products from being side to side, don't ask me why, I have no idea.

Then at the very top you need to erase the first line - it looks like this.

Ok, that was easy, no more erasing.

Now, once the codes are all done, then you have to delete the space between each product so there is not space.

So there you go. This is how it will look on your blog or site or even your squidoo lens if you have one.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mothers Day Mug

Well, I sold two mothers day mugs. I just love Mug! but not just any mug. I know a lot of people love those big clunky mugs, but not me. I like just the regular mug. The design of the mug is perfect for me.

Have you actually stopped and thought about the coffee mug you are drinking out of? I never use to until all the shapes and sizes came out.

Every coffee mug it seems has their own 'flair'

But I just like the 'regular' coffee mugs. Anyway, here are the mugs that a couple of bought.

btw, who ever is promoting them, thank you.
Mothers Day Mug mug
But that's not all. I actually sold some invitations today. I love a good barbecue.

uh uh, what seems weird, now that I look at them, maybe I should of done something with the grass. Not to sure im crazy for the grass.
4th of July Picnic invite invitation

Monday, April 25, 2011

somebody stop me!

I came across these beautiful watercolor business cards. They are definitely for the ladies. Sorry guys. But they are so unique and one can really say they have seen something like them since they are 'art'. Anyway, come check out sloanes store and see all their watercolors. It really is an impressive store on zazzle. Ill be promoting them again.

Rose Watercolor Business Card profilecardFloral Watercolor Business Card profilecardFloral Watercolor Business Card profilecardFloral iris Watercolor Business Card profilecard

Saturday, April 23, 2011

boys and girls

So I was walking through the park the other day and I noticed all these kids playing around. I decided to stop and just watch them. Not in a kind of weird way, but because I am what they call a 'people watcher'. I am actually fascinated by

Anyway, i noticed there was a little soccer game going on, not a planned activity, just a bunch of kids just kicking the ball around. They ranged from 3 yrs old to maybe about 6. IT was clear, it didnt matter if the girls were rough housing. It is now acceptable for a little girl to play sports. Just like boys.

So, There they were, boys and girls just kicking around a ball.

Then I saw that there was a group of girls sitting around playing 'house', they had their worn out dolls with them. But here is what started bothering me, no boys.

That's right, no boys were playing with the dolls. surprise surprise surprise.

Why is that?

I know Boys like little babies. Then the more I thought about it, who decided that girls can play anything they want, but boys cant do that?

Men in general. As a society, we have placed great importance on being a 'man'. Men don't feel, men don't cry, men don't blah blah blah. We dont place the same 'rules' on women.

But then again, society still dictates that women don't measure up to a man.

Then my thoughts started to look at those kids again. Girls can play with anything they want and no one even thinks about it. But a boy, I mean, they are really restricted to what they can play. Society will tell them that they cant do certain things before they reach the age of 10.

Why do we have this standard? Why do we have to have control over what our boys decide to play with.

The odd thing about this, is that men are actually judged on what a good father they are. "oh, hes great with the kids". "oh, he is such a good father". We hardly ever hear this about mothers. Women are supposed to know this, but men arent, and that is why we make a point on stating it.

Kind of ironic, isnt it. We want our men to be good fathers, but we dont think they should pretend to be dads when their kids.

There are millions of single dads out there trying to parent their kids the best way they can. My question is this, wouldn't their children be better off if we let them be 'pretend dads' when they were younger?

I know a lot of men who feel that they 'just can't do it' alone. I truly think their beliefs are based on fear. They were never even given a chance. We already installed the belief that men are not good parents, because we wont even let our boys pretend to be dads.

So, as I watched the kids play, girls doing what ever they want, and boys, clearly, playing the acceptable games.

What if, just for a minute, if these boys were allowed to play with dolls, what would actually happen to them? Would they be better equip to parent their kids when they got older?

Lets face it, its all based on fear. If a boy plays with dolls, he maybe gay? Which again finds me at a weird place, because some people actually feel that gay people shouldnt be parents.

So when you actually stop and think about it, to put this whole post in a nut shell. If a boy plays 'pretends to be a dad', he may turn out to be gay, so then gay men would in turn make better fathers, but yet some feel that gay men shouldn't even be fathers.

I dont know, Maybe I'm just missing something?

gay marriage cardgay marriage card

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Its really hard to think about graduation now, but what I can say. Here are a few of my favorite graduation party invites. Hope you like my selection. Oh, these are also front and back, just click on one of them, and you can see the back of them.

The year, well, i guess thats when they were made, just click and change the year you want. easy!

Graduation Invitation Cards invitationGraduation Invitation Cards invitationGraduation Invitation Cards invitationGraduation Invitation Cards invitationGraduation Invitation Card invitationGraduation invitation cards invitation

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter photo cards

As promised, here are the photo cards that I was going to create. They are real easy to customize, just click and put your own pic in. I even left some space where you can write your own personal message.

but thats not all. Right now, there is 10.40% off sale.

The 1040EZ Discount – 10.40% Off ALL ORDERS for Tax Day! Use Code: TAXDAYSALE11 Ends Monday

You can click a pic and see the details.

easter photo card photocardeaster photo card photocardeaster photo card photocardeaster photo card photocard

Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Cards

Still pushing the Easter cards. I mean really, someone has to order some. Anyway, here are the newest ones. I love the little chicks and ducks. Maybe IM the only one who sends Easter cards. hmmmmmm you got me thinking. Maybe I should create some photo Easter cards. Im going to start working on them, in the mean time, check these out.

Easter Greeting Card cardlittle duck easter card cardEaster Greeting Card cardEaster Greeting Card card

Sunday, April 10, 2011

magnet freak

The kids are still asleep and Im up writing a post. What is wrong with me? any 'ol ways, here I am.

The odd thing is I have nothing really worth talking about. I know today we are going to miss church and clean clean clean. The house is over the top. My young son has taken apart all his xboxes. The kid amazes me. Ill explain someday what that all means. But I have xbox parts everywhere in the house. I wouldnt mind if he kept it to one room, but he is now working on three rooms. The dining room, the living room, and the family room. It's like your walking on a mind field. So today is the day, he has to clean it all up.

Now, on we go. Well, I am a magnet freak. There, I said it. I just love them. Check out these magnets. Wouldn't you love to see them on your fridge? There actually pretty big. Plus they are printed on recycled paper.

# 2" x 2" – Standard Size.
# Printed on 100% Recycled Paper.
# Covered with scratch- and UV-resistant Mylar.

Magnet Volume Discounts
Quantity Discount
10 - 49 magnets 17% off
50 - 99 magnets 29% off
100+ magnets 36% off
oh, the best part is, you don't have to buy multiples of the same magnet to receive a quantity discount. You'll receive a quantity discount on any order of 10 or more magnets! woo hoo!

photo magnets magnetphoto magnets magnetphoto magnets magnetphoto magnets magnetphoto magnets magnetJoy and happiness photo magnet magnet

Saturday, April 9, 2011


If anyone is looking for products for your favorite 12 step program, I teamed up with a couple of designers and we are making some recovery products. Im actually going to post some more as times goes on as we make more products.

easy does it cardgo call your sponsor bumperstickerLets Share... cardLets Share... card

I love these his and hers T-shirts.

Sober Tee shirtSober Tee shirt

Thursday, April 7, 2011

building page rank and feeling stupid

Well, just noticed this little 'labels' thing at the bottom of this post I am writing. I actually never knew what it was, so I just didnt pay attention to it. Another blogger, who shall remain, told me it actually is like keywords, tags.

hmmmmmm, so do you think its important?

durrrrr, of course its important, they explained to me about spiders and all kinds of things. To be honest, I have no idea what they were talking about, I just shook my head and pretended to know what they were talking about.

The fact is, I am known to ask questions when I have an idea on what people say, but this was like talking to someone in a different country and I knew, no matter what questions I asked, I will never even understand the language.

But one thing I did hear is page rank. I get that. The better the rank the better google picks you up. I think thats what they said.

Which really brings me to the point of this post. Page Rank. How does one get page rank.

is it 'your followers'? is it 'how many clicks?' Is it 'how many posts?' I am not really sure, but I guess I will strive for all three. You never know.

So, when you click, just follow me. Its not like I really expect anyone to keep up with my rants. But it is theraputic for me. uh uh, there is that red line under theraputic to tell me I spelt it wrong, oh, there it is again.

But I would love to see some people follow me. So if you got a minute, can you just click the follow button. I do follow back btw.

now, I guess its time for me to put in my labels. Maybe I'll even back track and put in some label in my old posts. Wouldn't that be cool.

lets see, rank, feeling stupid, cant speak 'computer', knowing Im stupid, followers, did i mention feeling stupid, countries, language, cant spell theraputic, feeling stupid again. I think I got it all.

zybertex designs

So I decided to put a wide search on to find products that speak of hope. Lets face it, we all need some hope in our lives. In a world that seems so troubled lately, it's actually hard to stay positive and civil to each other. But the optimist that I am, I truly believe that all of us, really want more peace in our lives.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to create a space where 'hope' prevails. But to be honest, it's not that easy. So, here is my start, to try to get focused on what I have in my life, and that is 'hope'.

The first product I found is by zybertex designs not really sure what zybertex actually means, Ill have to look it up.

I just feel in love with colors of pink and brown. And the message is pretty clear: There is always hope.

so go ahead, visit her store, and look at her creations. They are wonderful

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Well, it's Sunday. A day of rest. But who really rests on Sunday? Get the kids up for breakfast. NO sleeping in, we have to go to church. Cranky Spanky is what they are I tell you. GOOD MORNING TO YOU TOO! AGHHHHHHH!

Get them breakfast, it's Sunday, so I make them fresh waffles. They love waffles. While they are eating I jump in the shower, when I am finished, I asked them to go get dressed and brush their teeth.

More 'not happy campers'.

"why do we have to go to church?"
"I hate church"
"Church is boring"

you get the idea.

Clean up the kitchen and then off we go, with them yelling and whinning. Of course we have to fight off the dog because wherever we go,he has this idea that he should go to.

So he is in his 'dont leave me alone' mood so I have to go back in the kitchen and get his treats. PUt some peanut butter on it (he loves it) then have him sit and give him the treat, which he totally takes and runs away with it.

hmmmmmm wonder if he would trade all of us with a some peanut butter. When you think about, just one minute ago he is whimpering because he wanted to be with us, but once he gets his peanut butter, well, all bets are off.

PUll up to the church and the whinning starts again. "do we have to go?"

We all get out of the car, "can we stop at D&D on the way home?"

sure we can, nothing like giving you some sugar.

We go to service then it's coffee hour. No time to chat though.

"cab we go now?"
"when are you done?"
"UGHHHHH come on"

Pile them in the car. "dont forget to stop at D&D!"

yea, like they deserve a donut.

pull up and the dog needs to go for a walk.

"any takers?, yea, I didnt think so" they were all to busy eating their donut.

Lunch time! Got to make some lunch, put the laundry away, blah blah blah.

What is it with laundry, I wash and dry. Fold it nicely, but when it comes to actually putting it away its like torture. There must be some mental health DX for people who hate to put laundry away. I don't really even hate that much, I just seem to find it takes so much energy.

Did I mention it's Sunday, a day of rest.

Sometimes I actually ask myself 'is it even worth going to church', I mean, I go for the kids, I think it's important for them to have some sense of God and spiritulality.

But is it even worth it?

So, another lazy Sunday. Yea right.

Oh, before I go, come check out these cute picture magnets. They are so easy to customize, you just click them and put in your own photo.

photo magnets magnetPhoto Magnet magnetPhoto magnets magnetphoto magnets magnetJoy and happiness photo magnet magnetphoto magnets magnet

stitch and time photo magnet magnetexplore photo magnets magnet