Saturday, April 30, 2011

Job dilema

OK folks, I cant stand my new job. I get paid double the money, but I hate it. My boss is a horror show, her whole life is devoted to this job and well, to be quite honest, my family is my priorty and will always be.

I did not realize how much of my time this job needs. I am currently working about 60 hours a week.

I was so much happier at my past job, the money sucked, but I really like it.

So, though I enjoy the extra cash, I really really do, I am not really happy. I am too exhausted to do much of anything when I get home.

So, here is my poll question.

Would you leave a high paying job, that you hate, for a low paying job you love?
yes, only if I could still have my conviences
yes, But i would have to give up some things
yes, Ill struggle but money does not buy happiness
no, never, I wouldnt even think about it. free polls

1 comment:

  1. You can't live unhappy. I wouldn't be able to put myself through something I hated. I hope your boss can't see this post. :P