Thursday, April 7, 2011

building page rank and feeling stupid

Well, just noticed this little 'labels' thing at the bottom of this post I am writing. I actually never knew what it was, so I just didnt pay attention to it. Another blogger, who shall remain, told me it actually is like keywords, tags.

hmmmmmm, so do you think its important?

durrrrr, of course its important, they explained to me about spiders and all kinds of things. To be honest, I have no idea what they were talking about, I just shook my head and pretended to know what they were talking about.

The fact is, I am known to ask questions when I have an idea on what people say, but this was like talking to someone in a different country and I knew, no matter what questions I asked, I will never even understand the language.

But one thing I did hear is page rank. I get that. The better the rank the better google picks you up. I think thats what they said.

Which really brings me to the point of this post. Page Rank. How does one get page rank.

is it 'your followers'? is it 'how many clicks?' Is it 'how many posts?' I am not really sure, but I guess I will strive for all three. You never know.

So, when you click, just follow me. Its not like I really expect anyone to keep up with my rants. But it is theraputic for me. uh uh, there is that red line under theraputic to tell me I spelt it wrong, oh, there it is again.

But I would love to see some people follow me. So if you got a minute, can you just click the follow button. I do follow back btw.

now, I guess its time for me to put in my labels. Maybe I'll even back track and put in some label in my old posts. Wouldn't that be cool.

lets see, rank, feeling stupid, cant speak 'computer', knowing Im stupid, followers, did i mention feeling stupid, countries, language, cant spell theraputic, feeling stupid again. I think I got it all.


  1. I'm pretty certain that page rank is heavily determined by traffic - the more traffic a page gets, the better the ranking. It also helps if you have an active following (sure getting page views are nice, but getting comments are even sweeter).

    A quick and easy way to gain more followers is by participating in link-up events, such as Boost My Blog at

    This is all I got for now, but I hope that it helped! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Me too, I sometimes feel the same way about the blog and techie jargon. Been a blogger for 2 years, yet learning again. Exclaiming in the process: "Oh, so that's what it is then!"
    Well then, my friend, let us learn together and exchange ideas. Blessings to you!