Saturday, December 11, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Forgotten Children

Thinking of adoption. There are far too many children already in need of a place called home. Open up your heart and home. Every child needs a place to call home.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Simple Designs

Simple Designs is one of my favorite stores on zazzle.  I bought these cool note cards and there were so great.  They are great to give to all your co-workers and friends.  Even your kids teachers.

They are perfect to put a little gift card in them.  You all now what to do by now, just click a pic.

 holiday card card wish list holiday card card holiday card cardsantas bag little treasures holiday card cardmittens holiday card cardsnowman holiday card card

Saturday, December 4, 2010

chesnuts roasting on an open fire.

Oh, how I love the holidays. Here is one of our favorite traditions that we do in our house, and its so much fun for the kids too.

You got it: Roasting nuts and it is really easy. You can either dry roast or roast them in a little oil to enhance their flavor if you like.

To Dry Roast just follow the instructions below for Roasting Nuts omitting the oil.

To Roast Nuts: Coat 1 cup of nuts evenly with 1 t.of  cooking oil. On a baking pan spread the nuts evenly and place them into a preheated oven at 350° F. Stir occasionally til the nuts are fragrant and lightly browned (5-10 minutes). Be careful because the nuts will continue to cook after removed from the oven. DO NOT OVERCOOK.

Cool on paper towel. Sprinkle with salt and enjoy.

To Toast nuts,  place them in a heavy skillet on top the stove. Heat slowly over low heat, shaking the pan like you would for popcorn. Cook until slightly browned and smelling terrific. Takes about 10-15 min.

ok, how easy was that? So go ahead, try it and have fun.

So with out futher is Mel Torme and Judy Garland. I know that they couldnt stand each other, I just love listening.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Horses Horses Horses!!! I dont know if anyone ever saw the movie 'sleepless in seattel' but it one of my all time favorite movies. What does this have to do with horses, absoutly nothing except when Meg Ryan was driving in the snow listening to delia and a song was on the radio and it sang 'horses horses horses'

ok, i love horses. People in my area where I live in New England have horses and it really gives me this peaceful feeling when I drive by these open areas and watch the horses graze in the field. I actually have taken my own photo's but not as beautiful as these photos.

When I came upon GoodLifeDesigns shop at zazzle, i was taken back by the close ups of these gentle animals.

The interesting thing about GoodLifeDesigns shop is that its not just about horses, there is a wide selection of different things to buy. But being a fan of horses, I had to show case these beautiful photos as I am sure you can understand why.

I also decided to display a horse calender from her shop, because there were so many beautiful photos all in one calender that I had to put it down. YOu also can frame these photos when the month is up so you could enjoy them for years to come.

Just click the pic and it will bring you right to her shop and you can see the full collection.

Norwegian Fjord postcardCalendar - Horses calendar


DANCE DANCE DANCE till you cant DANCE no more. don't tell anyone, but I just love to dance, i dance doing the dishes, i dance in front of the kids, and the reason i dance is because i just love music.

But i will admit i am NOT a good dancer. Elaine from Seinfield are in competition of the worst dancers, but hey, it doesnt stop me.

I just love music.

mheagifts has these cute musical designs on their ipods and ipads. Just looking at them, i can feel the music. The easy flow of the sound waves and the musical notes just make these designs even more special.

They are also the perfect gift for a teen. Most teens love their music and with these designs you dont have to worry if they will like them.

So just click a pic and check 'em out

Golden musical flow iPad case speckcaseRainbow music dancing sound waves iphone case speckcase


One of the things about me is that I am big on celebrating diversity. I believe that God has created everyone equeal. there is no us and them, black and white, gay and straight, christian and jew. We are all the same in Gods eyes with our own unique ways which we should celebrate not hide.

captureKC's shop is what i felt when entering in it. She talks about "capturing the beauty within creation, gift the inspiration!" Her hope is to inspire people with beautiful quotes, her gorgeous photography, and her digital images that will bring a smile to anyone face who views them. She states that "there is beauty in everything, we simply just don't look hard enough most times to see it."

Truth is, how can anyone argue with that. We go about our daily lives and once in a while, when we slow down enough, we can actually 'smell the roses'. I think if all of us, at least once a day, just stops for a quick moment and jsut looks around to see all the beauty that surronds us, we would all have so many things to be grateful and all the beauty that each of us really has, regardless of our differences. We look at what we have in common, not what seperates us.

captureKC's site is just that, all she wants is to share the beauty that she has captured (through words, nature, songs, praise, etc) that's all around her with others and she hopes that even if its just for a moment that when you visit her shop, she somehow brightens all our days.

So go check out this shop, you really cant help but be inspired. (just click the pic)

Be Unique Magnet magnetBe Unique Mousepad mousepad

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Illustrations

Hi folks,

Here are two of my newest illustrations. You can get them on postcards, greeting cards, and hmmmmmmmm I forgot what else I put them on.

Anyways, what do you think. I used those watercolor pens that I love.

family pulling christmas tree Part 1 postcardFamily with Christmas Tree Part 2 postcard


GLAMOUR GLAMOUR GLAMOUR...ok ladies, we all love it, admit it.

I discovered these two business cards by sunnymars and thought how perfect they would be for anyone who is into fashion and living the 'high life'.

These cards are fully customizable fashion business cards and they feature the silhouette of four fashion girls posing in their sexy outfits on the red carpet.

You just click on the pic (you know the drill) and you personalize them by adding your own details.

Fashion Business Card profilecardFashion Stylist Business Card profilecard

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have to admit, this is one of my favorite names of a shop. It basically sums up my life.

Now with that said, as i was looking for the what I think are some of the best designs on zazzle, I gazed outside and it is pouring out here. Thank God it isnt snow, but then I got to thinking that the cold days of December are actually upon us.

Low and behold I came across these designs by runinragged and they brought a smile to my face.

They actually seemed to tell a story.

The fist one is of a sweet little blue bird that just sits in her nest on a little tree that looks like it just bloomed. The little bird look like she is waiting for something.

Then the second design, kind of completed the first where it appears her mat comes home and pics one of the pink bloosoms.

OK, again, its just imagination. Winter hasn't even officially started and I'm hoping for spring already.

Just click the pic!

Little birdie mousepadLove Birds, Our 1st Christmas ornament

Simple Designs

There is nothing like a simple, yet elegant design. These Christmas Cards by Simple Designs are perfect for someone who loves the simplicity of life.

I saw these cards and just fell in love with them. I actually think they would look great as little note cards too send.

So go ahead and visit the shop, and don't let the name fool you, there is more to this shop then just simplicity, it's loaded with Christmas cards for every taste.

Oh, dont forget, it's Jingle Sales at zazzle

75% Off Invites & Cards + $5 Off Postage + Free Ship on ALL $35+ Orders! Use Code: JINGLESALE46 TODAY ONLY!

Just click the pic:

holiday card cardholiday card card


OMG!! Could these IPOD cases get any cuter. I just love them. They have these felt like look to them and would be perfect for the person who loves all 'cute things'.

Sweet fluffy chicken iPhone Case speckcaseSweet fluffy iPhone Case speckcase

Like? just click the pic

He also has a blog up and running, if you want to visit him, he has a lot of his products down there. Go check him out when you get a chance:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daphne says

I came across these products over at zazzle and I got to tell you, they are so darn cute. I am a huge animal lover and you can tell by looking at daphne says shop (I dare you say that 10 times real fast) that you will see what i mean.

Daphne Says shop is a store with products that are inspired by her puppy and her feline step-siblings. She has a great selection of products for the pet lover and many are customizable with your own pet's pics. Here are a couple of her designs, they are perfect for the holiday season:

Dear Santa, good cat ~Customizable! cardDear Santa, good dog ~Customizable! card

Adoption/ Baby Photo Arrival Cards

Adoption is such a joyous occasion and sometimes gets overlooked by family and friends. But these cute adoption baby announcements are perfect for the newbie parents. Just change the photo its that easy.

Your not adopting, do not worry, these baby announcements can be used for you too. They also make baby shower invites, just customize the dates and such

Baby Announcement cardBaby Announcement card

These cards were made with love by adoption_gifts


Clean_World bring you these cute business cards from their 'words of hope' collection. You can customize them to your liking. If you have any questions, visit them at their store to contact them.

Even though our lives are getting more and more complicated, these elegant business cards will put some simplicity and class into your own personal business card.

So go check out their collection of their wonderful products. I personal love the simplicity on them.

Words of Hope Business card profilecardWords of Hope Business card profilecard

abstract designs

These odd looking cards are great for the younger generation. With our cool abstract design, any young adult would love them, or even old. Their vibrant and colorful and created on high quality card stock, these note cards are the perfect way to keep in touch with family and friends.

My inspiration for the cards were simplicity and clean. But yet have a message which would be interperated differently for every reads it.

Just click on one of the cards and it will bring you to the shop.

doodle art card card'life goes on' surreal greeting card card

Must keep up

every once in a while i just start spreading myself to thin. For folks who sell their products on line get glued to their computer screen around this time of year. So we work and work and hopefully it will pay off.

Well, cyber monday has come and gone It was actually worse then last year. I checked with the other folks and they too have had bad problems with cyber monday.

Im hoping things pick up some. I actually joined project wonderful to take out some ads. I never really paid for advertising, so im a little nervous how this all works.

First off, i dont even understand the language all that well, but I just keep reading and reading.

I'll keep you all posted.

I am actually thinking of starting to promote other great designers on my blog. They are all so talented.

So there you go, i will keep you all updated to see if paid ads actually bring in the big bucks. Not in my lifetime

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Christmas Photo Magnets

OK guys, I ran into these cute photo magnets. They are like little scrapbook pages on magnets. I just love them I ordered quite a few for the family. They make great stocking stuffers for everyone.

christmas magnets magnetchristmas magnets magnetphoto magnets magnetJoy and happiness photo magnet magnetchristmas magnet magnetJoy and happiness photo magnet magnetchristmas magnets magnet

Saturday, November 13, 2010

fun christmas ornaments

So zazzle comes out with these new christmas ornaments. I couldnt resist to create my own. Here are the few I made. I love picture produts, so of course i had to make some of those.

photo oval ornament ornamentphoto oval ornament ornamentphoto oval ornament ornament photo oval ornament ornamentBaby Boy First Christmas Tshirt ornament ornamentBaby Boy First Christmas star ornament ornament

Friday, August 20, 2010

water colors

alright folks, you asked. Now please leave me (kidding)

This post goes out to my real life friends, co-workers and family.

The question I get asked often, "how do you make money on zazzle?"

Well, This is where It all begins:

Thats right folks, markers. But not just any kind of markers, oh no, the water color kind.

and don't forget the piece of 'white' watercolor paper. You don't need to be fancy here, I also have used 'white' cardstock because it's a little smoother, and it depends on the image that I want. Oh, and it's a lot cheaper.

I hardly ever use 'watercolor from a tube' anymore unless I am making a painting. Oh how I love those modern day conviences. Plus, no mess. How can you beat that? You will have your work area cleaned up in a second. woo hoo!

now for the doodles, (drawings) well,here you go folks.

Lets do something easy.

I first take a pencil and lightly make my doodle. Then I take a 'thin tip' black sharpie and trace where I want the black outline to stand out. (Got to love the sharpies)

From there, then it's easy, I just color it with my water color pens.  (practice with the pens first before you use good paper).  The reason I mention practice, is because when you are working with something fluid, it has a tendency to go where it wants. You will get the hang of it in no time.

Now for the different shades of color, i just add little drops of water and take a very clean paintbrush and push the water around.  Again, you really need to practice with it.

OK, now that you have your image, whats next?

I just scan the darn thing in the computer.  Once its scanned, I then may or may not play around with it in photoshop, but I save it as a png file so I can get the 'white' around it transparent.  Sometimes I actually have to go into the image and erase the 'color' where I want it to be totally white.  It all depends on the 'texture' of the paper and what shows up with the scan.

Then you have your image. It's not to hard. I am sure the 'masters' have an easier way to do this, but this is how I learned.

ok, now on to Zazzle.

Here is the fun part. You join 'zazzle' and make a store. Then you upload your image to your store and you put it on a lot of different products and then hopefully, fingers crossed, that someone likes it and buys it.

So that's it folks. I'm not a computer genius, and I'm sure some are reading this thinking, "oh boy, I can do it a different easier way", but for me, Im still pen and paper and my little scanner.

That's pretty much it folks. Oh, the drawing, you can download it, and use it for your own personal use, but do not use it for commercial use please. I gave you the steps to make your own. So Make your own Gosh Darn It!

oh, if you want to try it, you can buy the pens here, they sell them on amazon. I just love 'em.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to School

I have been so busy working on some back to school items and I'm wondering if I am too late. I got so busy creating, I forgot all about 'promoting'. Which I hate to do.

But anyway, if you have some time, check them out. Here is just a sample of what's going on.

preschool Notebook binderFirst Grade Notebook binderFirst Grade Notebook binderFourth Grade Notebook binder