Friday, December 3, 2010


Horses Horses Horses!!! I dont know if anyone ever saw the movie 'sleepless in seattel' but it one of my all time favorite movies. What does this have to do with horses, absoutly nothing except when Meg Ryan was driving in the snow listening to delia and a song was on the radio and it sang 'horses horses horses'

ok, i love horses. People in my area where I live in New England have horses and it really gives me this peaceful feeling when I drive by these open areas and watch the horses graze in the field. I actually have taken my own photo's but not as beautiful as these photos.

When I came upon GoodLifeDesigns shop at zazzle, i was taken back by the close ups of these gentle animals.

The interesting thing about GoodLifeDesigns shop is that its not just about horses, there is a wide selection of different things to buy. But being a fan of horses, I had to show case these beautiful photos as I am sure you can understand why.

I also decided to display a horse calender from her shop, because there were so many beautiful photos all in one calender that I had to put it down. YOu also can frame these photos when the month is up so you could enjoy them for years to come.

Just click the pic and it will bring you right to her shop and you can see the full collection.

Norwegian Fjord postcardCalendar - Horses calendar

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