Friday, December 3, 2010


DANCE DANCE DANCE till you cant DANCE no more. don't tell anyone, but I just love to dance, i dance doing the dishes, i dance in front of the kids, and the reason i dance is because i just love music.

But i will admit i am NOT a good dancer. Elaine from Seinfield are in competition of the worst dancers, but hey, it doesnt stop me.

I just love music.

mheagifts has these cute musical designs on their ipods and ipads. Just looking at them, i can feel the music. The easy flow of the sound waves and the musical notes just make these designs even more special.

They are also the perfect gift for a teen. Most teens love their music and with these designs you dont have to worry if they will like them.

So just click a pic and check 'em out

Golden musical flow iPad case speckcaseRainbow music dancing sound waves iphone case speckcase

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