Friday, July 30, 2010


Check these out for your all star. They are front and back and the back has their little stats. Now you tell me, what little boy or girl wouldn'nt love their own picture on a baseball card.

Plus, what family member wouldn't love one for a keepsake.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ever get one of those wow moments. Well, I was looking at my Stat Counter to see if any new visitors came to my website.

Well, WOW! I had quite a few and was wondering where they all came from. Apparently they came from another website.

So I clicked on the website and saw it was an adoption website.

Odd I thought. I am an adoptive parent, so how did they know? It kind of freaked me out a little.

Then I clicked on Gifts and Fun and the light bulb went off in my head. The majority of the products are MINE!

At first it felt weird, I kept thinking, wow, someone took a lot of my products, but then I thought, WOW, look at me. An adoption site is promoting my stuff.

Well, I was noticing all these hits from the site and I got to tell you, i was so happy.

So I went to see today if I had as many hits yesterday. No such luck. Why the drop in visits.

durrrrr....another light bulb. These were probably the same person. Chances are the person creating the website, was clicking back and fourth...:(

oh well, sometimes I just hate light bulbs moments. Who ever said 'denial' is a bad thing?

But hey, glass half full, IM still being promoted.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



so, guess who is a proseller at Zazzle? no sillies, it's me!

I worked my buns off for this. I guess that's when i started to wonder what it took to become a pro-seller, and thats one of the reasons why I did the questionaire a few days ago on here. and now here I am. Now I can go and answer my own thread

But I got to tell you, selling at galleries and street fairs is so much easier. Yea, it's a pain, but I have never done this much work.

So what does this all mean? well, it means I sold a few things, and then after that, I am not quite sure yet.

I did find out there is a private forum for pro sellers. I was surprised by that, and a little annoyed by it. Not because they have their own forums, but because not everyone could read it. (I'm a Quaker remember). I just have a hard time with the 'elite' status. I guess I wouldn't be so annoyed by it if everyone could at least read it, but you don't even know its there until you get your little badge. What's that about?

To me, pro-seller was just about selling more stuff. Even though it's not a competition, you still put so much time in trying to sell your stuff, that when you finally sell something, you feel really good, not only that you sold something, but that someone actually likes your stuff. You feel validated in an odd way.

but when you sell a bunch of stuff, you feel even better. :)

One of the reasons I decided to sell on-line was really quite simple. My son. I don't really talk about my sons on my blog too much, but my son has autism. We adopted him, he came from such a horrific past. He was so much easier to handle when he was little, but he got older and more behaviors.

So why Zazzle? well, its very hard to work full time with a child with autism. I had to cut my hours, take a lesser paying job with less responsibility.

I ended up going back to my old passion. Art. When I got older, my art would take a back burner to everything else. There are more important things to do in this life then paint pictures. So I just kind did the responsibility stuff.

Well, when you become so stressed, one needs an outlet. So I went back to what I do to keep sane. Art. But I didn't have a studio anymore so I set up a little corner in my house with a bunch of sharpies. I even got those watercolor sharpies. Oh what fun. It was easy, simple and if I needed to stop I can just stop and the clean-up was much easier then when I did oils. :)

Well, then enter Zazzle. Joined Zazzle and made some products. Now I am a proseller. I had this grand idea that I could stay home and work on my store so I can be home full time with my son. But isn't that a dream for all artist, to work and get paid for what you love to do. But you know what, I have a long way to go to get there.

But it's really nice to sell items here and there and to know people like my products. So on we go.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well, I have been so busy working on my website, and hopefully it will be 'perfect' by Christmas. But I don't think one really every finishes websites, do they? My nephew and nieces birthday's are in July and I have been playing around making some birthday cards. Here is one of them: I just love the simple look. You can always purchase one if you want. I am actually going to buy a few 'notecards', just to have them around so I wont be late, yet again.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

z pros only

How do they do it?  How do they sell so much merch? 

I know if you read the forums, there are tons of stuff to help you with promoting your store.  There are even videos to watch and how to do it.  on squidoo you can find a bunch of stuff too. 

So why doesn't it work for me.

I spend hours promoting my merch and I'm not even close to getting any kind of pro seller. 

Then it got me thinking, I don't think i ever read how many stores pro sellers have each.  Do they have one, or do they have many.

and that's where my poll comes in.

Please, only pro sellers answer it. 

I'm sure its different for everyone.   But I thought it would be interesting. 

Zpros only.  How many stores do you have on zazzle?

Z Pros only

As I sit back and think of how one becomes a pro seller on Zazzle, I cant help but wonder a few things.  I know it takes a lot of work.  I realize that promoting your own store is, if not more,  as much as work as actually creating the designs.

For me, I cant stand promoting, never liked it.  Though I realize it's an important piece. 

When I was younger, still in college and a few years out,  I would have to go to gallery to gallery with portfolio in hand, trying to sell myself to get my paintings shown.    I hated rejection, and at the same time, my paintings were somewhat political and not a lot of galleries would show them.  Plus they were mural size quite a few of them and a lot had to do with 'wall space'.  Rejection was always tough. 

But here I am with a 'wall' between me and my buyers.  I never see them, I never talk to them, its all done pretty much on the computer.  Plus, my pieces are not political anymore and are much more 'nicer'.   I mean who really wants a moral size dying AIDS patient with sunken dark eyes hung over their sofa?

Dont get me wrong, i was never upset I never really sold too many of them, it was never about selling them.  I actually won two 2D art  awards for a couple of them.  But deep down, I really would of loved some money.   They were going for a few thousand

But life happens.  Sold my artist loft and then just moved on with my life.

I actually cant even remember the last time I picked up oil paints.  Family comes and you cant find the time for things that you have done before.

I had no intention on writing a whole post about zpros, it was just suppose to be a simple

So here I am wondering how they did it.  There are links, videos, all out there to tell you how to do it.  I do it all, I really do.  I have joined forums, blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter, squidoo, and have taken all the suggestions.  But Im not even near becoming a pro seller.

My tags are pretty good, im loaded with them.  My discriptions suck, Ill be honest, but I do make it up in my tags.

So how do they do it.  Whats the secret.  Is it product?  Is it the number of products?  or how about, the number of stores.  Or maybe its just the amount of hours they put into it.  Ill tell you, I put a lot of hours a day in my store, and still not even close.  One could say Im addicted to it.

But what if we find out that all zpros have like 5 stores each.




Zpros only.  How many stores do you have on zazzle?

Monday, July 12, 2010

listen to the spirit

God calls and you do not hear, for you are preoccupied with your own voice.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Judge rules against gay marriage federal ban

I love living in MA. Judge Tuaro ruled the gay marriage federal ban unconstitutional, since it interferes with the state’s right to set their own definition of marriage.  The ruling offers same-sex couples that are married, and in Massachusetts, the same rights and access to federal benefits that couples who are heterosexual naturally receive.

Judge Joseph Tuaro from the US District Court ruled that prejudice does not constitute a true interest from a legitimate government, and that the Fifth Amendment in the Constitution is violated by the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Judge Tauro ruled on two lawsuits at the same time, that were both filed by GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders) on behalf of three widows and eight same-sex married couples. Here in  Massachusetts, same-sex marriage has been allowed for six years.

The judge also ruled that DOMA uses sexual orientation to separate married couples from federal benefits. Instead, he stated that the only distinction that should be drawn is between those who are married and those who are unmarried.

I love it when equality rules over bigotry.