Wednesday, July 14, 2010

z pros only

How do they do it?  How do they sell so much merch? 

I know if you read the forums, there are tons of stuff to help you with promoting your store.  There are even videos to watch and how to do it.  on squidoo you can find a bunch of stuff too. 

So why doesn't it work for me.

I spend hours promoting my merch and I'm not even close to getting any kind of pro seller. 

Then it got me thinking, I don't think i ever read how many stores pro sellers have each.  Do they have one, or do they have many.

and that's where my poll comes in.

Please, only pro sellers answer it. 

I'm sure its different for everyone.   But I thought it would be interesting. 

Zpros only.  How many stores do you have on zazzle?


  1. I have one main store. I also have two other ones, which I barely ever work on or check. I sold one thing from my second store, ever.
    I pay attention to my Jasmine's Merch store.
    It took me a couple years to make proseller. It definitely takes a lot of time, and you will make it there, too!

  2. I have four stores, which is a handful. My original store opened in 2005, though I never worked on it and never sold anything until I became free to go pursue my work April of 2009. Since that time I have opened the other three specialty shops and I made ProSeller in 8-months. It takes a lot of effort, but I sell daily from three of the stores, the fourth store opened only 4-mo ago and will take a bit to be found, though I have sold a few things there. You have to add new stuff frequently to keep those stores active and alive to the search engines and you have to find what way of marketing works for you. I have found many ways which work for me and that's why I made ProSeller so quickly...just keep at it!!

  3. I takes a lot of time and work, so I decided early in the year I was going to put all my efforts into my second store (, the one I enjoy working on the most. I add new items several times a week and I spend a lot of time promoting it. I also linked the volume bonuses from the other two stores to this one, and with all of this, I earned my bronze pro-seller badge after 7 months. Now I'm working much harder to get to silver pro-seller. ~ Just keep at it. The more you add, the more chances of people finding your work, and with the constant updating of your shop, search engines will give you better rankings. ~ Best of luck!