Friday, December 3, 2010


One of the things about me is that I am big on celebrating diversity. I believe that God has created everyone equeal. there is no us and them, black and white, gay and straight, christian and jew. We are all the same in Gods eyes with our own unique ways which we should celebrate not hide.

captureKC's shop is what i felt when entering in it. She talks about "capturing the beauty within creation, gift the inspiration!" Her hope is to inspire people with beautiful quotes, her gorgeous photography, and her digital images that will bring a smile to anyone face who views them. She states that "there is beauty in everything, we simply just don't look hard enough most times to see it."

Truth is, how can anyone argue with that. We go about our daily lives and once in a while, when we slow down enough, we can actually 'smell the roses'. I think if all of us, at least once a day, just stops for a quick moment and jsut looks around to see all the beauty that surronds us, we would all have so many things to be grateful and all the beauty that each of us really has, regardless of our differences. We look at what we have in common, not what seperates us.

captureKC's site is just that, all she wants is to share the beauty that she has captured (through words, nature, songs, praise, etc) that's all around her with others and she hopes that even if its just for a moment that when you visit her shop, she somehow brightens all our days.

So go check out this shop, you really cant help but be inspired. (just click the pic)

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  1. Sorry it is a bit late...but thank you so much (if I haven't already told you) for sharing my designs on your blog! It means so much to me. Many blessings to you.