Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Well, it's Sunday. A day of rest. But who really rests on Sunday? Get the kids up for breakfast. NO sleeping in, we have to go to church. Cranky Spanky is what they are I tell you. GOOD MORNING TO YOU TOO! AGHHHHHHH!

Get them breakfast, it's Sunday, so I make them fresh waffles. They love waffles. While they are eating I jump in the shower, when I am finished, I asked them to go get dressed and brush their teeth.

More 'not happy campers'.

"why do we have to go to church?"
"I hate church"
"Church is boring"

you get the idea.

Clean up the kitchen and then off we go, with them yelling and whinning. Of course we have to fight off the dog because wherever we go,he has this idea that he should go to.

So he is in his 'dont leave me alone' mood so I have to go back in the kitchen and get his treats. PUt some peanut butter on it (he loves it) then have him sit and give him the treat, which he totally takes and runs away with it.

hmmmmmm wonder if he would trade all of us with a some peanut butter. When you think about, just one minute ago he is whimpering because he wanted to be with us, but once he gets his peanut butter, well, all bets are off.

PUll up to the church and the whinning starts again. "do we have to go?"

We all get out of the car, "can we stop at D&D on the way home?"

sure we can, nothing like giving you some sugar.

We go to service then it's coffee hour. No time to chat though.

"cab we go now?"
"when are you done?"
"UGHHHHH come on"

Pile them in the car. "dont forget to stop at D&D!"

yea, like they deserve a donut.

pull up and the dog needs to go for a walk.

"any takers?, yea, I didnt think so" they were all to busy eating their donut.

Lunch time! Got to make some lunch, put the laundry away, blah blah blah.

What is it with laundry, I wash and dry. Fold it nicely, but when it comes to actually putting it away its like torture. There must be some mental health DX for people who hate to put laundry away. I don't really even hate that much, I just seem to find it takes so much energy.

Did I mention it's Sunday, a day of rest.

Sometimes I actually ask myself 'is it even worth going to church', I mean, I go for the kids, I think it's important for them to have some sense of God and spiritulality.

But is it even worth it?

So, another lazy Sunday. Yea right.

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  1. I don't get lazy Sundays either. Mainly cuz my Drunken Midget has to be kept busy 24/7 or she will explode. Or something.

  2. Like the way you write and your magnets are lovely!