Monday, May 3, 2010

and thats christian?

So i came across this christian site, and though i do believe everyone has a right to say what can and cannot be on their site sometimes things just don't make sense.

So, there was a section in their forums that stated that you can 'add/promote your website but read the guide lines before posting'. Here is what I saw.

Remember this is a Christian website please do not place the following types of sites here.

Site that promote any of the following

Illegal Drugs
Pornography of any kind
Adult websites
Sexual Orientation
Alcoholic Beverages
Tobacco Usage
Anything that violates Federal and State Laws.
Hate Websites

Christian Political View reserves the right to remove any post that violates the above and rules of the forum.

So, let me get this straight, illegal drugs, porn, alcohol, tobacco and if someone is gay.

Come on folks, is it me? I had no idea that 'gay' was associated with porn, alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs, I just couldn't see the link between them

But the best is the last line. No HATE websites. Isn't not accepting gays on your site considered a sign of hate? Maybe it's me. But if gay people are not allowed to participate, how can someone call their site christian?


  1. It's kind of cute that they also exclude hate sites. (Does that mean they have to remove themselves?)

    I think it comes from a belief that being gay *should* be illegal, so they immediately group it with other illegal activities or things they think should be illegal (like alcohol, because Prohibition was SO effective...not.)