Thursday, March 18, 2010

A beautiful day

SO I woke up with the sun shining in the window and Murphy, Our dog, licking my face to tell me it's time to get up and let me out.

Murphy is 9mo's old now and has been the highlight of our family. Everything seems to revolve around this dog.

But that's ok, I realized how much I miss having a dog in the house, and I can't love this dog any more then I already do.

Thursdays are my late day for work, my hours are 2-10. My goal for the day is 'clean'. That's usually what I do on Thursdays. The kids and my partner are out of the house and have some quiet time. The TV and CD player are off and it's just me, quiet.

Sometimes I just sit on the chair and look out the window. I love where we live, the
peacefulness of the whole world.

My goal is to throw things away. We have collected so much junk over the years, that we are swimming in it.

Ive been going from room to room, focusing on one room at a time and just get rid of stuff. As I sit here staring at this computer, I realize how important it is to simplify my life.

Seriously, how many coats does one person need?

Today will be my older son's room. Though I will clean it today, I know how filthy it will be tomorrow. Due to his issues, if the dog 'pooped' in his bed, he would actually just climb in and go to sleep with it.

Well, thats it for today folks, off to clean the room. Simplicity is peace.

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