Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quaker Meeting House

I decided to put the picture of my meeting house where I go to worship. I was actually driving by and decided to take a picture of it.

It actually use to be an old School House, It was built in 1839 and it still contains some of the old school desks. When walking on the wooden floor you cant help to wonder the people that walked on them years ago.

Our meeting house is much like a church. It is where we gather to worship each Sunday and is the hub of our wheel of social work.

In it is a huge fireplace and there are benches surronding the room. The roaring fire is lit during the winter. The lower part of the meeting house has actually has a couple of purposes. It serves as the library and as the fellowship room where the attenders gather, have refreshments, and listen to announcements after meeting.

The left side of the meeting house, not shown in the picture, was added on. Here is where 'First Day School' takes place. It has two rooms, one for the infants and preschoolers and one for Grades 2 - 11. Here is where the kitchen.

So there you go folks. A Quakers meeting house.

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