Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CVS now does surgery

only kidding. But am I?

CVS is doubling their food sections to compete with supermarkets. In the 'biz' it's called 'channel blurring'. The idea of this is that when a customer walks into a store, they should be able to get what they want when they want it, without having to go to 4 different stores.

So when you go to your pharmacy to get your chol. medication, on the way out you can get a carton of eggs. Makes sense right? one stop shopping.

Lets face it, supermarkets have had pharmacies in their stores for a while now, so to me, it's just fair.

But when you stop and think about it. Do we go anywhere anymore that is strictly what the retail is really about.

Every morning I pull into the gas station before work. No, not to get gas, but to get D&D coffee. That's right, the gas station has a D&D right in the gas station.

Lets not forget about newspaper, milk, snacks, it's all there. Though everything is cramped in and you pray that you don't get stuck behind someone because you can get sandwiched in those isles. Believe me, it's not fun, it happens to me all the time.

So the other day I had to get a gift for a friend. So, like any normal person I walked into the coffee shop. Oh, its not that friend likes coffee, they dont. But, they love music and love to read. So where else would one go for that?...tah dah, the coffee shop. Makes sense right?

Lets face it, it's starting to get a little our of control. I also have gotten myself into the habit of going to the nearest store to get what I need. Why go any further when I can go to the gas station to get feet fungus removal.

But there is a con to all of this, and that is the gas station probably doesn't sell foot fungus removal, but you end up buying some cream that the gas station attendant said his mother in laws sister used and it worked.

so you buy it, because who really wants to drive to another store.

My prediction, within one year, if you need to get a kidney transplant, have no fear, your neighborhood CVS has a surgeon on call that has an office right in the back of the store.

I mean really, how many got the flu shot this year at their local pharmacy? Maybe it's me, I'm just not ready to get my health care in the back of a pharmacy just yet.

But then again, ask me next year. Who knows, it actually might not be that bad now that I think about it. I mean really, after getting discharged from the pharmacy, as I am being pushed out on a wheelchair through the front door, I could stack a bunch of food items and stick them in the wheelchair on my way out the door.

hey, why not? It will save me a trip.


  1. You may be right about this... the settling for less thing. I'd not thought about it but you have a point. Anything longer then a 5 minute trip annoys me and I really need to rethink this. I know its bad and I know it's not good money wise - and it still annoys me!


  2. I think I'm one of those people who don't mind going to a bunch of different stores. I usually am picky about quality. I've found that Meijer is kind of my one stop shop if I'm just going to go to one place. I'd die without Meijer. I see your point, though. I mean, they even have dentist offices and hair salons in some stores.

  3. funny but its the trend nowadays, one stop shop

  4. Yep - my son commented the other day that he couldn't find an icepack for his strained ankle in 'Boots the Chemist', a huge and long-established chain in the UK, because they sell so many other things these days.