Monday, June 28, 2010

Roasting Nuts and seeds.

who doesnt love roasted nuts?  they are great tasting and fun to make.

Roasting nuts and seeds is a fairly simple task.  You can either dry roast or roast them in a little oil to enhance their flavor as you prefer.
To Dry Roast just follow the instructions below for Roasting Nuts omitting the oil.
To Roast Nuts:  Coat 1 cup of nuts evenly with 1 t. cooking oil.  On a baking pan spread the nuts evenly and place them into a preheated oven at 350° F.  Stir occasionally til the nuts are fragrant and lightly browned (5-10 minutes).  Be careful because the nuts will continue to cook after removed from the oven.  DO NOT OVERCOOK.
Cool on paper towel.  Sprinkle with salt and enjoy.

To Toast nuts and seeds, place them in a heavy skillet on top the stove.  Heat slowly over low heat, shaking the pan like you would for popcorn.  Cook until slightly browned and smelling terrific.  Takes about 10-15 min.

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