Monday, June 14, 2010

Poll Question

Hi all,

I am actually taking a poll. I'm trying to figure out whats the best way to sell my products. I personally have always shopped by 'product'. but so many people told me that its best to sell by design because if they like a design they are more apt to buy more products with the same design on it.

As I look at what I sold, I havn't noticed any 'impulsive buys'. Which leads me to this poll. As a shopper, how do you shop?

When shopping on line for a mousepad with flowers on it, and you find an online store, would you click on 'mousepads' or would you click on 'flower' products?

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  1. When categorizing in my store, I go by the product line. If I do a dog product I go by Animals/Pets, Dogs and then if it is a specific dog I sub-categorize. You can add the option on your store to have the categories by product, too (like mousepads, shirts, etc.) It probably helps to have both.

  2. Good idea to do a poll but maybe even better to ask the question of a broader range of people than would be reading your blog? In March I sent out a whole questionnaire on greeting card shopping habits to everyone I knew in the UK whose email address I had, using surveymonkey, because I was beginning to think it might be different from in the US - the results were very informative and I posted them on my blog.