Monday, April 19, 2010

Children's Mugs

Hi all,

I started a new collection of Children's Mugs, I hope you like them. They are so easy to customize too. These are dishwasher safe and shouldn't fad.

I also have made some travel mugs. I love these travel mugs. I admit, I bought a few for the kids and myself. I have gotten more compliments and people wanting to know where I got them.

It actually helps the kids from spilling drinks in the car, well, I should say helps me from spilling my coffee on myself. Just being honest here.

I also want to give a shout out to RenascencePub who helped me setting up the products on my blog. Thank you. You should check out his blog and store, He's got some amazing stuff.

Police men's Mug mugPolice men's Mug mugTo the rescue mug mugAirplane Pilot Mug mugSheriff Mug mugDancer's Mug mugDancer's Mug mugDancer's Mug mugDancer's Mug mugFlower Mug mugFlower Mug mugflower Mug mugTo the rescue mug mugDancer's Mug mugAirplane Pilot Mug mug

Visit Doodle Daddles and just click 'mugs' to view our whole collection of Mugs. All mugs can be customized and all images can be placed on travel mugs. Just click on the images.


  1. Glad to be of help, Sloane! Love the look and feel of your blog, loved reading thru it!
    The mugs featured here in the post are just too cute! :-)
    All the very best with everything!
    best regards,

  2. Lovely mugs
    so cute .....