Thursday, April 15, 2010

You want the money? Part 2

Ok folks, Here goes nothing, I figured it out. If you don't know what I am talking about, please read the post right below this one first. This is a two parter, which would make this one part 2. Got it? good!

Here are the directions to become an affiliate and get your widget and make some extra cash.

Here we go:

Go to

Once you’re on the site, at the very top, click on ‘sell’ (its more towards the left of the page)

Out of the three boxes shown on the new page, Click ‘Get started’

Then where it says, ‘I am new to zazzle’ click that.

Fill in the boxes and then click it.
TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!You are now done!

You are now officially a member of zazzle. Pretty easy huh?

Well, not so fast, there is more.

On the tool bar, you will see ‘associates’, click it.

On this page, you are given your ‘associate number.’

Type in your website name (blog) and then put your website URL in and then click enter.

Then you are given quite a few choices, you need to click number 6 (flash Panel). (I’m still trying to find out if you can use a different promoting tool, but for now, that’s the only one that I see on others blogs. I’m still waiting for the official word.)

When you click on number 6, you will see a bunch of products in the ‘market place’. (they are not mine) If you look on the right of the screen, you will see where it says 'search term' and underneath that, it says ‘seller?’

You want the ‘seller?’ box.
Just Type in doodles_daddles (MAKE sure you get the underscore in doddles_daddles or it won’t work. You can always copy and paste this if you are having trouble.

Then underneath that, it says ‘product type’, You can choose which products you want. I chose to leave 'products' as that way people get to see the different products.

Then underneath that, its says ‘sort by’. You can keep the most 'popular' (products that I have sold the most) or you can click the newest and display the newest products that are made). Once you decide, then click 'NEXT'

My products should be in the box. Customize the flash panel anyway you want and put your own title in. Then click save and finish.

Then you will be given a code (your associate number should be in there) and just place it on your site.

Phewwwwww….it’s much easier then it seems.

Don't forget to book mark your 'site' and you can check the earnings daily under your account. It costs nothing for you to see how it goes, and after a while if you don't like it, just remove the widget. It doesn't cost a thing.

Because of the extra space you need on your blogs, I can put your blog widget right on the store front as ‘promoters’. So if people visit the store, they can click on your blog right from there.

But here is the catch. You have to promote MY store to get the free advertising…lol. That’s fair, right?

ok, that's it, give it a shot, what do you have to lose? it's not like your paying for anything, plus, if you don't see any money, then you can just remove the widget, you don't even need to delete the account.

I do have to mention, the more established you are as a blogger, the more chances are you will get more clicks. (common sense) However, if your brand new to blogging, the good news is that this is a free way to advertise your blog. Did I mention

If you don't want the widget but want to still make some extra cash, you can sell a product here and there on your blog. Just copy and paste the link on the specific product (I can show you how to do it, look at my 'mother days post', that is what it would look like with a specific product, just make sure your affiliate number is in the link.

I think that's it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The worst that could happen, is you get some extra cash.

Footnote: just to give you a little assurance, I actually bought some of my own products (im drinking out of my travel coffee mug now at work) The products are really good. The cards that I bought were fantastic, I was impressed, I went with with the glossy. I was actually nervous at first to sell to my friends, but the products are really good so I told everyone about it.

So make sure you let me know so I can give you the free advertisment.

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